Eco HotelsA Carbon Neutral Hotel Brand

Eco Hotels UK plc* will be the world’s first carbon neutral premium value hotel brand of its kind.

Become a part of the world's largest ecological hotel revolution

  • Minimum investment of £1,923 for 15,000 shares, whereafter in multiples of 5000 shares

The World’s First Carbon Neutral
Hotel Brand of its Kind

Its vision is to create a £1 billion premium value hotels that support sustainable hospitality without compromising on standards where all fine elements of hospitality can be delivered to a guest without causing harm to the planet.

Eco Hotels is intended to become a global brand that will stand for ‘green hospitality’ and has a clear commitment on its green agenda, one that should re-define how other hotel operators run their businesses and make its guests proud of being part of a responsible life style.

Eco Hotels is seeking up to £5 million in equity for a stake of 25% of the Company. The Company will immediately list on Standard List on LSE post fund raise.


  • Acquisition of existing hotels, refurbish, rebrand and operate to increase inventory to circa 400 rooms
  • Set up central head office
  • Launch EBOT franchise programme
  • Working capital
  • Developing blockchain based central MIS/booking system

Based on the the financial models and the rollout plan and the market, the directors conservatively estimate a 5x over the next 5 years.

* Eco Hotels UK Plc (‘Eco Hotel’ or ‘Company’).

Key Facts

The worlds first carbon neutralhotel brand of its kind;
Brand Standardtested and ready to roll out;
Proven and senior management team from the Hospitality industry;
15,000 roomrollout over 10 years; and
Estimated ROI: 5x over the next 5 years.

The Brand will seek to achieve carbon neutrality by ensuring that each property and operations has certain sustainable features. These will include:

  • Rooftop turbines
  • Solar water heaters
  • Rain water harvest systems
  • Insulation materials matching with EU standards.
  • Energy-saving systems
  • Smart meters
  • Reduction of the impact of chemicals in laundering
  • Responsibly sourced products and collaboration with climate- friendly suppliers photovoltaic panels

Hotels to acquire have been identified in the Western Region of India mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat.

First new build Eco Hotels will be built in the UK, Telford and in India, Pune, Mumbai and Goa before expanding nation wide into cities such as Delhi (North), Bangalore (South) and Hyderabad (East).

Rapid footprint expansion is required for the brand’s success. In order to achieve this, Eco Hotels will use the ‘full fit-out’ steel modular technology of Modulex in Indapur, near Pune, to build its hotels and meet its roll out plan.

Detailed financial forecast available on request.

India is underserved by the hotel industry, especially the mid- market segment. Rapid growth of Indian population together with increasing tourists’ in-flow and a lack of 2-3 stars hotels turns into a large gap in the hospitality market and creates an investment opportunity in the hotels sector.

Arising environmental issues associated with climate change generate interest in sustainable traveling among tourists.

A Strong Force in the emerging world

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